Fashion dressing in your sixties

Hi Jo - you are so bright and inspiring, love your blogs. I am 62 and like you, really enjoy fashion. I read recently Carole Middleton saying she no longer likes clothes that are tight. I feel the same, although I enjoy fashionable clothes. With this in mind, tight jeans or fitted skirts and dresses, I
am not sure there are many designers who are designing for our age group, what do you think?



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I agree with Carole Middleton…in fact Julian Clary ( my only celebrity friend) always comments if my clothes are too tight.
And to be honest…i feel better in looser fitting…
There are some wonderful designers who design…with a waist in mind…Samantha Sung…wonderful flared skirts in day dresses but three quarter sleeves…very flttering
American Vintage is fabulous layering for casual…
Im wearing loads of Phoebe Grace at the moment…Im wearing it now and in the Sheerluxe Gold show thats about to go out. Check her out …vey flowing …loose lines