Fashion gifts for a 30-year-old guy!

Hi team,

I want to get my bf something fashion-y for his birthday. He loves Cole Buxton, A Day’s March, Axel Arigato etc. Was thinking about one of the Picante t-shirts?

Any ideas welcome, thanks all! (Ideally £125 and under).

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Think a Picante tee is a cool idea. I also think a weekend bag is a lovely gift if he doesn’t have one!

I am thinking of getting my boyfriend (turning 30) something from Axel Arigato too! Love the below cap.

Thanks Coco, really like this!

I really love Picante for men, they have a new drop coming out soon and I think the crochet mesh polos would be really cool for summer or on holiday

My bf really likes the tshirts and caps from Aime Leon Dore. Their Cafe Leon Dore collection is cool too!

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Universal works have some great pieces, I bought a fleece vest from there for my boyfriends bday and its so cool!