Favourite brow gel discounted - any similar alternatives?

I am long term lover of the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel which has been discounted for a few years now (I’ve even gone as far as hunting Ebay for unopened old stock!).

The consistency was waxy and clung to the hairs perfectly. I have dark brown brows and product had great colour and created structure but without that ‘filled in’ brow effect that can look unnatural.

Any ideas of an alternative thats might be similar?

I absolutely love the ABH Dipbrow pomade and it sounds very similar to what you have used!

I deffo recommend x

Agree with Eloise on ABH! I also rate this:

if you love that one, you’ll love anastasia BH’s brow gel - go for the clear one! I also really like the ByEllie brow gel all over tiktok - its honestly really good Brow Texture - byellie.co.uk

Depending on what you want from an eyebrow gel, I have very thick and wirey brows but this gel from EspressOH is the first gel to actually lift my lashes and mimic a lamination!