Favourite candles?

August & Piers do some beautiful options - Muse, Socialite and Saint are ones I’ve tried, and I have a few more to burn. Byredo Bohemia and Bibliothèque. Maison Balzac are gorge. And as a seriously cheap option, H&M Botanical Garden is amazing. Really fills a room with scent.

I discovered the brand Article White a few years ago, and swear by their candles. The literally fill the room with scent.
I love the ‘S’ candle: Cedarwood & Tonka Bean Candle 210g | Natural Wax | Article White | UK – articlewhite
It’s really woody and musky and I have one in every room of the house!

Equally love the ‘W’ scent too!

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LeLabo - Santal 26. It smells like heaven and lasts like forever! :blush:

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Boy smells Incensorial is the nicest candle I have EVER smelt and the large size fills the whole room.

Neom or Diptique