Favourite Cook Books

What are your go-to cook books? Are there any new ones that you have been loving?

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New Cook Books I’m Loving.
MORE DAILY VEG - Joe Woodhouse. The man is a genius with veg. So many quick and delicious veg ideas.
A SPLASH OF SOY - Lara Lee. Every recipe in the Noodle Slurp chapter is gold.
CORKER - Hannah Crosbie. Not a technically a cookbook but definitely one for your kitchen shelves. Hilarious but also educational. The wine book everyone needs.

Another real favourite is ZAIKA by Romy Gill. It’s actually all vegan which isn’t usually something I go for but its all SO full of flavour and the recipes are really easy to follow. There are two recipes which I must have made 100 times and are so good for a big dinner party too. The Baingan Masala, a baby aubergine curry with dill and coconut… also dill and coconut, who knew?? So good! Also the Bandh Gobi which is a turmeric ginger spikes cabbage dish.

The ones I turn to over and over again are, The Duck Soup Cookbook by Clare Lattin and Tom Hill, all The River Cafe Cookbooks (especially the River Cafe Cookbook Green) and Elizabeth Davids A Book Of Mediterranean Food)


Love the sound of these - thank you!!

I recently bought the new vegetarian cook book, Easy Wins by Anna Jones. It’s absolutely fantastic. So far I’ve done the Orzo, Feta & Tomato traybake, and the Miso, Lime & Sweet Potato Bake. Both amazing, and loads more to try!

Molly Baz’s Cook This Book is stunning !

One of my for ever favs is the green roasting tin cookbook
such easy fun recipes that are delicious and easy to make


I also love the roasting tin cookbook series by Rukmini Iyer. So many tasty and easy recipes. The quick one is a midweek must.

My absolute go-to books when hosting are A Table For Friends and A Table Full of Love by Skye McAlpine. Her recipes are written so well, easy to follow, and fairly simple overall. The best thing about the books is that at the back, she recommends the recipes according to how many people you want to cook for, the time of year, what type of meal you want to cook, prep time, and shares tips on how to prepare for hosting.

I’m also a big fan of Sabrina Ghayour’s books, especially Persiana.

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Yes, I use both of those and adore Sabrina!

I’m obsessed with One Pot, One planet.

Or, Ottolenghi’s flavour is my ride-or-die.

Literally adding that to my basket right now, this looks SO good!

yes I have this - love it!

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Girlllll, the pistachio risotto is insane!!!

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