Favourite pickle recipes


I love to pickle vegetables - cucumbers mainly. Would love your advice. Do you have any fail-safe recipes or tips?


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I REALLY recommend the book ‘The Modern Preserver’ by Kylee Newton. It taught me so much about pickling etc. and mainly not to be so afraid about not getting everything exactly right and just trusting your instinct more.
She’s got this FAB recipe for gin pickled cucumbers which is so easy but so good. I often give them as xmas gifts. Also once the cucumbers are done, you can just slice more up and add them to the brine and they are just as good so the jar just keeps on giving.
I would’t worry about buying super expensive jars. Just make sure you clean them well. I do a run in the dishwasher and then pop them in an oven for abotu 20 mins to sterilise. Once you get into it its SO MUCH FUN.