Favourite places for affordable homeware?

Hey! Would love to know your thoughts on the best places to get affordable yet original furniture?

I love the look of OKA but it’s a tad spenny! Love all things scalloped and bobbins. Is second hand the way to go? X


You can definitely find some gems if you source second hand and Instagram is a great place to start.

I’ve recently discovered Marla & Primrose which has lovely accessories - some lovely scalloped trays and placemats to discover!

For furniture Daals has a great bobbin range

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I love a bit of Graham & Green! Unsure if they do your type of thing but worth a look. x

I love looking in flea markets and second-hand shops, especially in buzzy towns – you’ll usually find something interesting! But if you know what you’re after and don’t want to spend forever searching, I’d set up alerts on eBay or look through websites like Vinterior for great second-hand pieces.


Dot & Blush have amazing pieces at great prices
www.dotandblush.co.uk x

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Additionally to ebay and vinteriors, sometimes facebook marketplace actually has some gems - mostly people that want to get rid of furntiure quick and cheap because they are moving etc so definitely worth a look!

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Next have some bobbin pieces at the moment - for example

La redoute are always worth a look and they have just released this scalloped rattan console and mirror which are great.


Lastly search up scallop in the Rose and grey website and I don’t think you will be disappointed! For example -

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Have you tried looking on Instagram? There are some brilliant accounts to have on your radar: https://www.instagram.com/louspencerdecorativeantiques/

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TK Maxx, Amara (an online store) and Haines Collection (also online) spring to mind. Hope you find what you are looking for :blush:.

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