Find me a straight black dress with a side slit

Hi. Looking everywhere for a straight black dress with a side slit. You’d think it was easy! Not skin tight please and under £200 or less if possible.
Thanks everyone!

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Hi Dawn

You don’t say what length, fabric, sleeve, neckline, but here are three really classy, straight black dresses. No side slit though.

I am thinking that it would be quite easy to make exactly what you want - you get to choose the fabric and pattern and find a local dressmaker to run it up…
(Or take a dressmaking class, which would be fun!)

Thank you so much. You’re absolutely right in the questions you’ve asked. My post is for a friend who wants the dress to wear in late spring when she goes to Portugal to scatter her husband’s ashes in the sea where they used to moor their boat. A happy/sad occasion and she just wants to look great for it. I’ll pass the questions on.

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Oh, how sad. I understand the objective now though, and those dresses above don’t really hit the right note.

Next / Lipsy have quite a few black midi dresses which bridge the gap between classic and ethereal. (A few even have the desired slit.)

I would have a look at Max Mara, Marella, Massimo Dutti and Luisa Spagnoli:

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Thank you so much. She’s now fixed the date so that her son and his wife and new baby can fit their work in. It’s early June, so I guess her best bet is to wait for the new spring/Summer collections to hit. Yes, a sad/happy occasion. Thanks you again for your kind help.

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Hi Dawn,

Here’s a few for your friend to perhaps have a look at:

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