Finding a style and where to shop?

Hi Everyone

I am 21 years old and I am unable to find my own style, I struggle matching clothing and struggle finding what goes with what! Has anyone got any tips?

I quite like smart casual and streetwear but still look feminine. I often think I look too masculine in clothes like this!

Where is the best place to shop? I really love sapna, bea and charlottes style.
Also any clothing links would be very appreciated!!

Thank you everyone:)


Hey Chloe,

I found that finding what suits your figure and makes you feel confident/comfortable is the best place to start. I love looking at other peoples styles for inspiration but find that recreating it on myself doesn’t always work!

I’d recommend going through your wardrobe to find the pieces that make you feel your best. For me it’s a wide leg trouser and fitted top as I have narrow hips and big boobs, so whilst I love the look of a loose white t-shirt or big blazer on other people, I end up looking like I’ve pitched a tent when I try this :sweat_smile: I’m quite comfortable with having my legs out, but hate having cleavage on show, so knowing what you want to highlight/hide can help you to narrow things down!

This summer I also took a leaf out of @hattiecotmore 's book and created a Pinterest board for my summer style which was super helpful cause it made me look at my wardrobe in a new way, as well as remove styles that I like but don’t want to integrate into my personal style/don’t suit me.

For places to shop, I love H&M/Other Stories - I think the most important thing is finding a store where the cut of the pieces suits your body. I absolutely LOVE Zara/Massimo Dutti, but things from there are always tight in the wrong places, too long, or sit weirdly on me, so I only go there for accessories :smiling_face:

Hope that helps!


hi chloe!
thanks so much for the huge compliment - and I totally understand what you mean, it can be so tough sometimes. But you’re off to a good start narrowing down the vibe you like.

For me it helps so much to visualise things - having a pinterest board and pinning things I like. From that I can make connections about looks and pieces that I keep going back to. I then look to my own wardrobe and see how I can recreate things with pieces I already own. If I’m missing a substantial piece, il invest in something new if I really need it!

Find the formulas & staples that work for you - it’s different for everyone.

Also - have a read of this piece that @Charlotte_Collins wrote - there are some good tips here!

The Fashion Rule Book: The Three Word Rule | SheerLuxe.

as for products worth buying which are along the lines of what you have mentioned - check out the LG hub and have a listen on our podcast for further recs !xx

Like Sapna, I love to have visual references so I’m a big Pinterest user. I usually organise these by season, and see what colours and styles I’m drawn to. Then I’ll see what I have own that corresponds with what I’m drawn to and what I might like to add.

As much as I’d love to be a capsule wardrobe girl I know that my style can change depending on the day/my mood/the weather, so I’d also say don’t feel pressure to find one style and stick to it – it can be fun changing it up.

Love this! Pinterest really is a fun way of inspo.

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I agree! Pinterest is great

I also love saving posts from my favourite influencers on Instagram, it’s so easy to refer back to and find inspo when i need it!

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