Fine solid gold sleeper hoops

Hello, can anyone recommend solid gold sleeper hoops that are really fine please - like 10mm diameter. I can either find gold plated / filled or much bigger / fatter ones. Thank you.


Maria Tash is perfect for this! Or if you’re after a more affordable option these earrings from Mejuri could work x

Yes I agree Mejuri is great for this!

Thank you! Hadn’t heard of Mejuri - really appreciate that



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Astrid & Miyu have good options!

These are a favourite of mine from Aurum & Grey

mejuri and missoma are the best x

I love these from Seol & Gold, 9ct gold also really easy to put in.

I always go to for my gold jewellery x

Thank you!

Gorgeous stuff thank you!

Thank you - hadn’t heard of them either!

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Gorgeous thanks!

Love these as well! Now h have loads of choice. Thanks.