First date, dinner: outfit help!

Hi there… hoping for a little advice!
I’m taking the plunge on a first date (Hinge) that’s over dinner. Usually keep first to just drinks and less commitment if it’s bombing, but maybe time to change and he’s taken the initiative…. Any advice on outfit? It’s a restaurant (nice French place) not pub. Not sure if I should do dress rather than jeans/too/heals thing… any advice greatly appreciated (especially when I’ve spectacularly failed to do Jan reset and lose the Xmas pounds! :grimacing:) x

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Hi I’d say wear what you feel most comfortable and confident in. If you’re not 100% sure on the dress and heels combo, I’d try a silk trouser and going out top combo. I love a pair of black satin/silk trousers because they’re dressy but still comfy - i love these. I’d then pair it with a going out style top that you feel confident in, try this or this maybe, and then just some classic jewellery to polish. Finally I’d wear some kitten heels so they’re a nice in between of heels and flats.

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That’s exciting! I think you want to look dressy but cool and not too OTT. I agree with Saroop… I would do something like tailored/silky trousers and a nice top (maybe a cashmere knit) with some statement jewellery. These Ghost trousers are so versatile and great for dressing up and down.

Good luck!

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aw this is so excited - you’ll have to let us know how it goes??

I’d say stick to what you know and what you feel your best in. For me I’d probably do a pair of jeans and a blazer (with nothing under, perhaps a lacy bralette) and some ballet flats or kitten heels depending where the date is.


Hello all who helped and @sapnarao

It was last Friday… I took some tips and made it a silk skirt & nice knit. Usually I’m in your zone on the jeans/blazer/heals… but thanks again for the help x
Sadly, the date was less than positive! Hey ho.