First Home

Hi Everyone!

Myself and my boyfriend have just bought our first home and waiting to move in!
Has anyone got any recommendations for interior or anything at all that could help us at the moment?

Thanks! Charlotte xx


I’d start exploring Instagram and working out what your interiors style is. It’s really helpful to follow people who are doing up homes that are similar to yours - in terms of period and size and budget - but then add a few aspirational accounts too.
Then look at Pinterest too. There’s so much to inspire on there. Enjoy the process!

Hi @charlottebunnage_183 , congratulations on your first home - how exciting! We would recommend looking on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration and you will start to see what you’re drawn to. We would start by taking a look at the layout options for your space too as this will then determine the pieces of furniture that will work in the space.

If you need any friendly expert advice and support, we are an online interior design company with flat fee design packages working to your budget, no matter how big or small. Our online design packages strip away the expensive extras to give you exactly what you need to make the changes to your home with confidence; always with your taste, lifestyle and budget foremost in our mind.

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I would begin my looking on Pintrest and making moodboards for each room of your home - you’ll soon start to see what kind of aesthetic / style you like from all your inspo and then you can start to research and buy specific products! x

Take it one room at a time and don’t rush anything! I rushed a few of the bigger decisions (like paint colours and furniture) when we moved in as I was desperate to get it all done. I remember someone told me to wait a year before changing anything and wish I’d listened - it’s good advice and worth being patient! Gather all the inspo you can and don’t worry so much about trends, stick to what you love. It’s your home! x

Buy second hand - my first little flat was furnished mainly from the British Heart Foundation shop. Our current house is a period home and really lends itself to older furniture so I buy a lot on Facebook Marketplace and at our local auction houses.

Create saved boards on Instagram or Pinterest boards and just save any image you like. Don’t worry about staying in a certain style, just save what you like. You will soon be able to see patterns emerging.

I can also really recommend The Great Indoors podcast and facebook group for inspiration.