First opera!

I’m attending my first opera next week (Innocence at the ROH) and wondering what I should wear? Any tips greatly appreciated!

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Oh I think anything goes! You can get really dressed up there but I’d say as you’re sitting for a long time you also want to be comfortable - no tight waistbands - and it gets quite warm in there too so I would avoid anything a bit itchy like wool trousers etc.
You could definitely do a lovely dress and heels if you wanted. Lots of people make a special effort.
Enjoy your evening x

Georgina’s right – plenty of people make an effort, others turn up in their anoraks and no one raises an eyebrow. I’d just say think about the footwear as there’s a fair bit of milling about before a performance and not a lot of extensive seating in the nice atrium bar (but definitely go and have a drink on that upper level – it’s so beautiful).

Thank you ladies, much appreciated!!