Flattering joggers!

Can anyone recommend joggers (not wide legged) that are flattering…

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Oysho have a nice selection of joggers to choose from:


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I have a set from Life of ease that I love the fit of! Great quality too.

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ooh and john lewis too, thanks (live on a remote island so mail order)

I live in these from Varley


Oooh i love the sound of these. Thanks

Sweaty Betty aren’t bad if you are around 5’4"–5’6", outside of that you may find they’re too long or too short. The style to go for is called “Gary”, they do have a similar looking style called Gaia but the pockets on those are really odd and I’d not recommend those.
Also, when Lululemon bring them back the Align Joggers are also great for style and being flattering. I’ve not found any other joggers outside of the above that have been any good for me.

thanks found that problem with sweaty betty and didn’t like the quality for price especially their leggings. Thanks will try lulemon

Not a fan of the styling on site but these look like they’re flattering and comfortable!
Women’s joggers Lebow - DOVE White - E24 | American Vintage (americanvintage-store.com)

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Lululemon have great straight leg ones that are really nice fit!

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