Fluidform pilates reviews?

hey all!
I LOVE pilates and barre. I do a reformer, matt or barre class a few times a week. obviously, this comes at a price.
I’m really interested in starting the fluidform pilates plan. I can see SL are doing a collab?

has anyone tried it? would love to hear your opinions.

I do struggle to self motivate at home.


I haven’t tried Fluidform as I am also rubbish at self motivating, I have however been paying for Class Pass which I found the most cost effective way to keep up with reformer as it definitely comes at a price.

In case you don’t end up with the virtual style classes and wanted to try some intro offers / new locations then I’d recommend the following:

Pilates Circuit - Gianna (she’s insane!) & Joanna
Heartcore is quite the investment but top of the game in my opinion and I highly rate them, Grace & Samantha in Fulham are amazing - however generally all of their teachers are brilliant!
Mojo Clapham - a great teacher called Chloe.
Oncore Clapham - another fab teacher called Chloe.

Let us know how you get on if you do sign up xx

Yes to Pilates and barre - both are amazing. And Fluidform is fantastic… stay tuned this week for some very exciting news! x

Hey jessica! thanks for your reply. I’m based in Brighton and we have plenty amazing classes here, just wanted to give virtual another go. I look forward to hearing the news about Fluidform X SL xxx

exciting! thank you :slight_smile:

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