Footwear for commuting

Looking for some recommendations for stylish footwear to wear on the commute to work! Comfortable for walking and durability for rainy days, but still fashionable. Bonus if they can also be worn with longer pants (that usually only work with heels). Thank you! x

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Hi, I am always trying to tackle this myself and I do think a few different options are needed for different weather days!

I think for a chic flat shoe (on a non rainy day), you can’t go wrong with a leather ballet flat. The high street have lots of options right now, like these. They go with everything and are really comfortable for a commute, I think this a really useful shoe style to own.

When it comes to pairing with longer trousers, I think the key is a low heeled boot. If you can find the right one, that fits well, I do think they can be comfortable. I have an old pair from Zara but these from Arket look very similar.

Finally, on really rainy days I do always opt for a trainer, just not a style that has suede material! I think this new Adidas samba colour way are a fail safe choice.

Hi Katrina

My staple commuter footwear has always been a black leather ankle boot with a mid-height, chunky block heel. (Polish regularly to keep them waterproof.) I also love black suede, but it’s not as good in wet weather.
The key is to find boots with soft leather to prevent rubbing and a padded insole, to absorb the impact of all those steps!

Plenty more options out there, though many mid-range sizes have sold out, as we get towards spring.