France Road trip

In August I’m driving from London to South of France and I’d love to hear of anywhere to stop en route. I’ve done the Annecy way, and a pit stop in Orange before too, but I’d love to know about any good towns/villages or hotels/resorts. I’ve got teenagers so I’m after something with a bit of life or interest, rather than pretty but sleepy places.

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We did this feature a couple of years ago, dedicated to road trips across France:

Hey! I have been reading through travel posts on here and noticed your question. I have very recently written a blog post about a road tour I did in the South of France, with my favourite destinations listed as well as the hotels. It does start in Nice, so does not begin in London, but perhaps there are places you have since researched. I hope this helps! Here is my blog post:


I’ve driven to the South of France quite a few times, and Reims has always been my favourite place to stop en-route. Depending on where in the South you’re going, I’d also recommend going to Aix-en-Provence for a day x