French beauty

I’m spending time in France shortly. What beauty products are good to buy in French pharmacies and supermarkets

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I always pick up some Nuxe - loving their dry oil and body butter.

We asked a French pharmacist recently what’s worth snapping up:

I always love to get anything by Bioderma too! X

I’d look out for Bioderma, Nuxe, Avene, Vichy… Love a french pharmacy!! Oh, and the caudalie beauty elixir. An SL office fave!

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Thank you

I’d also look out for Le Petit Marsailles – it’s a shower/bodycare brand that doesn’t get nearly enough love online and it’s cheap as chips out there. You can get it on Amazon, too, but it comes at a premium.

Yes Harriet! Totally agree. I bulk buy the orange blossom scent whenever I see it, it feels like such a treat and the scents really linger.

Thank you. I’m out here now so will take a look

Sounds great thank you

A313 cream is elite!

Oh thank you. Not heard of that . Will look out for it