French pharmacy must buys!

I’m going to Paris in a couple of weeks and will be doing a french pharmacy haul! Has anyone got any recs or must buys?

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You need to watch Andrea Ali’s Videos on YT.
She has made a few videos on this topic, as she lives in Paris. That woman is gorgeous.
I remember she talked about a vaseline kind of product which is great for skin burns and but also great for regeneration of the skin barrier.

We are so lucky we can get so much over here now but brands I always go for are Bioderma, Vichy, Aderma and Avene

I love a bit of Biafine emulsion - it does everything from moisturising skin, to healing burns, soothing ragged cuticles etc! Also Topicrem is lovely x

Love all of these!

I’d get an Embryolisse cream (so good) or anything from Nuxe x

Check out this article, so many goodies on here:

The Petit Marseillais shower gels are in such cute packaging, & come in so many gorgeous fragrances. x

Totally agree Avene is such a great brand!!