Fun Bars & Restaurants In Paris For A Hen?

I’m going to a hen in Paris next year and need some fab suggestions for some really fun bars & restaurants to go to with your girlfriends. Is there anywhere else we need to go to in Paris for a hen?

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Perruche Paris is great! Perruche Restaurant with a terrace offering Mediterranean cuisine and a breathtaking view of Paris

We did dinner and a show for my hen in Paris back in February. We went to Crazy Horse for something a little different, but I’ve heard Lido is good too. We also did champagne tasting, which you can’t go wrong with!

There’s a fab bar called Lulu White Drinking Club in Rue Frochot… they have lots of different cocktails, live music and if you’re up for a bit of Moulin Rouge hero-worship, they also serve absinthe!!

Where did you go champagne tasting?