Fun child experiences in London

Does anyone know of any young girl/children pamper style experiences in London
or if there any fun experience style restaurants for Children?

Or any recommendations for young girl coming to London to do something special?


How old is the girl & is there a budget in mind? x

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Girl is 7 years old and open minded budget wise! x

I think there’s quite a few London hotels that offer child friendly spa days with mini manicures etc. The Mandarin Oriental had a couple of experiences they put on last year. - Pan Pacific x Bonpoint

If you’re staying in a hotel, there’s Secret Spa or Ruuby that you could book to come to the room!

Sketch could be fun?

A rooftop with the views?
Kingly court? Arcade foodhall?

A couple of great exhibitions:
(unsure of your dates but in case you wanted some other activities!)



This is a fun new exhibition and there’s a cafe next door in Somerset House too which is all ‘cute’ themed


I’ve recently taken my children to The Balloon Museum which was a real hit. There is a Pizza Express nearby too which made it all easy afterwards. Or how about a Secret Spa at home for a mani with a deliveroo Bubble Tea. That’s always a winner with my girls :slight_smile:



I think the M&M store in Leicester Square is always worth a visit too!

M&M'S Store - London | M&M'S?

Thank you - this is AMAZING

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Thank you for the recommendations :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :grinning:

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