Fun places in France for a holiday with young teens?

I’d love to take my young teens to France this summer - to experience French life (food, fashion) and listen to the language (both taking or will take French GCSE). I have amazing memories of spending summers in France for my teen years and want them to experience something similar. Does anyone have any suggestions for great areas where teens will have fun and not moan? I guess it would mean a nice beach, some shops and lots of teen hang outs. Somewhere smallish I guess. I used to camp so open to campsite ideas but I would prefer renting a villa!

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Biarritz is very cool! Lots of fun shops, cool cafes and lovely beaches of course. There’s also a new Experimental hotel there, and easy to pair with other towns along that stretch of coastline

Thank you Sherri will check it out!

I second Biarritz – I went here when I was younger with my family and friends. We rented a villa there, it was perfect for the kind of trip you’re interested in doing

We took our four young children to Nantes and San Nazaire. During our trip we spoke to a fellow Scot who lived there and he pointed us in the direction of the submarine base. My 3 sons loved it. We were extremely lucky as the Tour de France was also in town that day, which was a terrific spectacle.