Garden furniture

Hello! Does anyone know of any good brands/places to shop for nice garden furniture sets? Ideally looking for chairs / lounger seats that come with a table? Want comfort above anything else!

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La Redoute has great options, and there always seems to be a sale! Garden Furniture | Wooden Garden Furniture Sets | La Redoute

My advice would be not to rush it as garden furniture can be expensive. I bought a really basic bistro set from Argos last year (along with some nice cushion pads from John Lewis) and it’s still so useful, and surprisingly comfy.

Cox and Cox or Rowen Wren do lovely garden furniture! xx

@Rebecca_Hull I think comfort as you know it from an indoor sofa can be hard to come by outdoor where the fabric needs to be waterproof or water resistant! Are you looking for a dining set or loungey sofa pieces? I spotted the ‘Melbourne’ Collection at M&S which is gorgeous & currently on 25% off…

Haven’t ever sat on them to comment on comfort but Hay Palissades range :drooling_face:

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Thank you this is helpful! I love Skandium! x

Skagarak by Skandivar online or boutique garden centers. The furniture is made from teak and will weather amazingly . It is also very comfortable and will always look timeless in the garden. It is an investment, but it will last for a very long if taken care of properly.

Also check out Habitat - surprisingly good and well priced!

Hi there, I am the owner of and this range has been quite popular. I can vouch that it is extremely comfy too! Menton Chaise Set Stone - Gift Edition. Hope you find what you’re after. Vicky x

I’m obsessed with Harbour Lifestyle, it’s a new discovery for me. Their Panama modular is INCREDIBLE. They have a fantastic range of rattan, aluminium, wood & rope furniture. Lots to choose from. I will be purchasing the Panama for my new home. I already have rattan garden furniture which I’m going to place on my roof terrace & will be styling the Panama in my patio area (when it’s built :pray:t3:).

Beliani is another incredible brand. Lots to choose from. I see this grand lots on Instagram

Design Vintage have an amazing bamboo range.

Happy shopping.

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