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Does anyone know any good books or inspo for creating a beautiful garden? I am a complete beginner, so much information out there and not sure where to begin!

Alice Vincent – who is @noughticulture on Insta and Twitter – has lots of gardening tips online, plus a book ( and I really enjoy her Gardens Illustrated columns.

I also follow The Land Gardeners – they’re really good at approaching gardening from a sustainable, climate-friendly way:

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I’d recommend these two books for beginners!


We were just given this for our new home:

So far has been so useful! Especially if you’re a beginner like us x

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Highly recommend going to the Kew Gardens gift shop for this, there’s lots of inspiring gardening books and a very cute vibe! x

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Author and inspirer for beginners is Lucy Bellamy - she did a great book on garden in a year - very practical and contemporary in design - she has written several books - containers are also good to start off with.

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So much love for this post! Listen to Sarah Raven’s podcast, there is a mini series in there that’s focused on gardening for beginners. Get inspired on the Farmer Gracy website and IG - they are very good at replying to DMs as well if you have questions. Also beyond basic but head to your local gardening centre and ask Qs there - the staff are always so knowledgeable and will help you, especially if you know what soil type you have and which way your garden faces.

IG accounts: @WolvesLaneFlowerCompany (they have a great book, too)
@MilliProust (also has a book)
@McCormickCharlie (unreal dahlia Inspo)

Have fun! x

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Love Monty Don!

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