Gardening how-to

Does anyone know any good books or inspo for creating a beautiful garden? I am a complete beginner, so much information out there and not sure where to begin!

Alice Vincent – who is @noughticulture on Insta and Twitter – has lots of gardening tips online, plus a book ( and I really enjoy her Gardens Illustrated columns.

I also follow The Land Gardeners – they’re really good at approaching gardening from a sustainable, climate-friendly way:

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I’d recommend these two books for beginners!


We were just given this for our new home:

So far has been so useful! Especially if you’re a beginner like us x

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Highly recommend going to the Kew Gardens gift shop for this, there’s lots of inspiring gardening books and a very cute vibe! x

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Author and inspirer for beginners is Lucy Bellamy - she did a great book on garden in a year - very practical and contemporary in design - she has written several books - containers are also good to start off with.

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So much love for this post! Listen to Sarah Raven’s podcast, there is a mini series in there that’s focused on gardening for beginners. Get inspired on the Farmer Gracy website and IG - they are very good at replying to DMs as well if you have questions. Also beyond basic but head to your local gardening centre and ask Qs there - the staff are always so knowledgeable and will help you, especially if you know what soil type you have and which way your garden faces.

IG accounts: @WolvesLaneFlowerCompany (they have a great book, too)
@MilliProust (also has a book)
@McCormickCharlie (unreal dahlia Inspo)

Have fun! x

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Love Monty Don!

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Tor and I are also BIG Gardener’s World fans. Yes it’s like we’re two old ladies but honestly it’s so inspiring and you get to see so many real people’s garden and realise everyone’s learning on the job. I’ve personally found this book SO helpful. Jobs for every month, so you can really understand when to do what. Also I think it’s great to break it down into little projects. This year my focus was spring bulbs and my veg patch. I try not to bite off too much at once otherwise it can feel really overwhelming. Monty Don always says gardens are a reflection of decades of work, so don’t feel like you have to get it sorted overnight.

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Agree with being patient! I think you really need to spend time with a garden and experience a few seasons to spot the gaps. For example, there was a spot outside our kitchen window that needed a burst of colour. I now have some colourful tulips there and it’s made all the difference.

Have you seen Soto Gardens? They have video tips and inspiration on their website and Instagram. You can also get ‘instant’ borders with planting plans if you have flowerbeds to fill. Pollyanna Willkinson is also a great person to follow and has a podcast with an interior designer.