Get To Know Each Other Better!

From what you like to do on the weekends to your favourite spots in London, the SL community is the perfect place to share what you’re into with like-minded friends.

So whether you’ve just moved to a new city or are looking for others with similar interests, join the new ‘get to know each other’ thread in the SL community… who knows what might come from it?


Hi ladies!

I’m a long time SheerLuxe reader in my late twenties based in Northamptonshire. I work in tech (for a podcast network in the USA, but I work remotely!) and I’m also studying for my Master’s.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you! Is anyone else in the Northamptonshire/Cambridgeshire area?

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Hey…is anyone around Portsmouth?! I’ve recently moved here to live with my partner and I’m having the best time but would love someone to hang with out with - coffee/drinks/gym/shopping etc!!


Here for any other Edinburgh-based Sheerluxe readers :wave:


Hi everyone!

My name’s Charlotte and I would love to make some new friends in London! I hope I’m not the only one who feels like London can be pretty lonely and it’s hard to meet new like-minded people.

Me & my bestie, Gemma are 29 & 30 and would LOVE to meet some nice, fun girlies to go for drinks and make new friends with. We both have bf’s, love fashion, going on holiday, going out for dins and dancing. We’re both really easy going and just want to have a laugh.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t look sad! xx


I have a son who is about to attend Aberystwith uni and I was wondering if anyone knew of any online sites where prospective students might meet and chat? Or am I just an interfering mum?

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Hey :wave:t4:

I’m Francine, I’m based in Newcastle and work in marketing for a fashion brand - so no surprises that I love everything SheerLuxe :sparkling_heart:

Super happy to give recommendations to anyone visitng Newcastle (I’m biased but it’s an amazing city)! xx

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Hi, my name is Poonam I’ve been in Uk for 6yrs now and I only have work friends at the hospital apart from that it’s hard to make new friends in London. Would love to make new friends and create new memories Xx

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I hope you don’t mind me messaging - I am based in Chichester so fairly local (my husband goes to watch Portsmouth play football fair bit) - just wanted to say that your idea of coffee sounds fab (I would love to meet more people locally especially post uni). So glad to hear that you’re enjoying Portsmouth too.

Lizzie xx

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Hi, i’m new here and new to Sheerluxe. I’m 47 from Lincolnshire and I’m medically retired due to having numerous health problems


Hey Lizzie!

Thank you so much for getting in touch :smiling_face: Chichester isn’t far at all…where are you from originally? Ahh ok…maybe if you’re coming over this way we could meet while your husband is at the football then!

I’m a teacher at the moment (trying to leave :rofl:) so, I’m free most days over the summer holidays. I wouldn’t mind coming to see what Chichester is like either…I haven’t been yet!

Nikki xxx

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Hi there SL friends! I’m loving this Community space in general and was thrilled when I saw the launch of this ‘get to know you’ space. I’m a single but social gal in her 40s (but in my head still 32!), I live in Richmond SW London and would love to meet other people around the area/ish. Any ages - I’m really not a ‘middle aged’ 40-something so if you’re younger please don’t think I’m an oldie!!
I love meeting new people, I’m a wine geek, love eating out, galleries, museums, theatre, discovering new things, learning new things, finding new places and parts of London (and further afield). Mooching, shopping of course, shooting the breeze… and lost more!
If that sounds interesting give me a shout xxx


Hi there! I’ve been a SL reader for a while but first time joining the community. I’m 28 and based in Marylebone and always down to meet new people! I work in finance and try to make my life more exciting haha I love going out for diner or drinks (but trying the sober life), cooking (add me on insta Cookingwithdouns) and Pilates (hit me up if you’re going to 1rebel!).




Hi Samantha ( sorry to be so formal but I wasn’t sure if you prefer Sam or Samantha!)

I’m a 40 something Sheerluxe fan who loves Richmond and pretty much everything you’ve listed although I live on the Herts/Beds boarder. I work in London though so if you fancy a chat or meet up, let me know :blush:

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Hi Sophia! Thank you so much for reaching out, that sounds great! I was actually thinking just today of asking if anyone had actually met in person. You are the first to get in touch, I wondered if others had met up.

I work in London two days per week (Tues and Thurs). When are you in town and where abouts - lets meet up!

S x

Hi Sam, sorry for the delayed response.

I’d love to meet up. I’m in town on Tuesday of next week if that works for you? I work in the City just off Cannon St but can come to central If that works better for you?

Have a great weekend! x

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Hi Everyone!
My name is Sam, I am 37 and I live in Brighton with my husband, sausage dog and 2 ragdoll cats,
but I’ve been following sheerluxe before they entered my life!
It would be so lovely to meet up with anyone Sussex/Brighton based.
I am pretty basic and love my coffee, dog walks, food, talking about anything fashion, beauty - which is why I love sheerluxe so much, esp the podcast/show as its like having a conversation w/friends! I travel abroad a lot for my job so if there’s anyone based in New York let me know- I’ll be there in a couple weeks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:xx

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Hi Sophia,

I’m so sorry for the late reply.

I’d really like to meet up too, I work in the Bankside area, right next to the Tate Modern, near Borough Market, not far from Blackfriars Bridge and essentially opposite the City. I’m in most Tuesday and Thursdays, I could meet somewhere near one of our areas of work or I go home via Waterloo if that area is easier for you?

If you would still like to meet, just let me know when you’re next free around your in-London working days and we can hatch a plan!

Have a lovely weekend,

Hi Sophia/Samantha

I must work next to you because that is exactly where my office is based and I’m always in on a Thursday. Would love to get involved if you two were to meet up - my insta is @fayeemilyyy


Hi Faye, sounds good to me! Let’s plan something in soon. :blush: