GHD Duet reviews?

I’d love to know if anyone has tried the GHD Duet (dries and straightens at the same time). I love the idea of saving time on my hair routine because I have thick hair which needs styling most days. The GHD Duet sounds like a great solution but is it too good to be true? Does anyone know if it works without damaging hair?

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I have! Personally, my hair is too fine for it, BUT I’ve seen people with thicker/frizzier hair use it and the results are amazing - so sleek

That’s great to know, thank you! I wish you could try before you buy…!

while I havent got one personally, I’ve tried one out and have a few friends who really rate it.
I’m not sure about how time saving it is, as you do have to go quite slow with it to evenly dry the hair - however I suppose you’re saving time as it’s drying and straightening the hair!

Also I must say that when I tried it my hair felt a lot silkier x