Gift for a man who "has it all"?

Hi everyone,

My friend’s 50th birthday is coming up and I’d love to hear anyone’s creative gift ideas. Since it’s a landmark birthday, I’m happy to spend more than I might otherwise (around £300 is my budget). But I’m not thinking that more-is-more with this particular friend; he’s quite well-off financially and is healthy about spending on himself and his husband, so creativity will go a long way. He’s a foodie, but he’s already a regular at Noma and has every bit of kitchen kit you could imagine, so I’m not inclined to take him for a swish meal or buy him a sous-vide machine (he’s likely to have two already). He’s a reader, but is a first edition too obvious? He’s always well-presented but doesn’t care overmuch about clothes.

So I’d love for this thread to be a fun provocation - what do you get for the man who has it all? Looking forward to seeing what creative possibilities arise…


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Hiya! Ah he sounds very tricky to buy for!!
Would you consider buying him an experience/activity? Maybe even a wine tasting experience you could do together.
You said he was a foodie so Imagine he has these bases covered but a pizza oven could be something creative or a really nice whiskey with a decanter and some nice glasses.
If he is into sports, a sports watch or a really good massage gun could fit your budget.
Hope that is helpful!


Or some sort of tickets? Theatre/opera? Cooking class somewhere cool?


Thanks for these ideas. Lots of food for thought. Ballet tickets and the whiskey plus decanter and glasses are the current front-runners.

In the spirit of community, I thought I’d share some items from my brainstorm:

  • Symbolically replacing something long-lost - a baseball cap like the one that flew off on the school run or the vintage Gameboy that his older sister received for Christmas in 1989 when he only got socks…

  • Re-creating a milestone meal - dinner at the same restaurant where he went after law school graduation, a sandwich just like the one at his fave caf near his sixth form…

  • An original artwork

  • A full body cryo-therapy session or a Facegym session - a tiny getting-older tease whilst also being practical…

I’m in a similar situation and have this marked for my sisters birthday Spirals

How sweet!

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