Gifts for 60th birthday for a colleagues partner

I need suggestions for a 60th birthday gift for a colleagues partner (female) that I have never met!

Any ideas small or big are welcome - thank you!

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That is tricky…How about some gift vouchers for somethin like Partnership Editions? Then they can choose a piece of art they love?

Or a flower subscription for three months?

How about a voucher to dine somewhere nice? x

how about a beautiful vase or tray?

I totally forgot about gift cards.
Subscription is a different touch. Thanks

Voucher to dine, never heard of that. Sounds great if I knew the person taste. Investigating required!

Pretty vase & natural tray, thank you.

I have just discovered this brand for gorgeous chunky china, a great gift!

Indulge Dining do fine dining at-home mealkits with a variety of options and gift vouchers (afternoon tea/3 course fine dining/gourmet BBQ)

What about something personalised from Noble Macmillan?

How about an ‘Emily in Paris’ iPhone case with crossbody strap if you can find out what model of iPhone required, seen these on Etsy and they can by as plain or as much bling as you want to go.