Glasses brands

I’ve recently had an eye test and need to get new glasses, can anyone recommend any nice brands to look at? Thanks!

Honestly couldn’t rave about Jimmy Fairly more, but make sure you order in store as then they cover customs fees (whereas they don’t if you order online!) x

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Agreed! The whole process was so smooth - the appointment is super relaxed, non-clinical and friendly. The range of glasses they have are great if you’re after something trend-led or more traditional, super affordable too. Plus, you can get prescription sunglass lenses to swap in and out.


Second Jimmy Fairly. Loved them! I’ve also used Glasses Direct online before - you can try before you buy x

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Another great one is Ace and Tate, very similar business models, I just like them as they are also european so I get mine covered by heath insurance at home then order them in london!

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Cubitts! Love them and their customer experience is always amazing