Glaze Hair Products

New member here. Has anyone tried Glaze Hair products? I have salt & pepper hair, I’ve stopped dying my hair and its growing out really frizzy in sections. Wondering if Glaze would do the trick…? TIA

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I’m not sure about glaze products but I get Brazilian keratin treatments done a couple of times a year and they leave my hair so soft, shiny and frizz free, I’ve had so many compliments now that I’ve been doing it over the years. It does make your hair a bit flatter but I have pretty thin hair!

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Yeah, I have thought about going to a salon to get my hair done but I haven’t several hours to burn esp with a busy schedule with kids activities and family commitments. Glaze does seem to have good reviews but I think I’ll wait on purchasing GlazePlex and see if more people respond to this post… esp with graying hair.

I’ve tried the clear one:

As has Sapna and we both loved it! Haven’t tried colour ones yet but do rate the Sheer Glow for boosting shine x

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Amazing! Thank you. I did consider the super gloss but wasn’t sure as someone had asked the question on Instagram and no reply was given. Def worth considering…