Good maternity swimsuits

Hi, I’m looking for some good maternity swimsuit options which are still stylish. I’m going on holiday when I’ll be 27/28 weeks pregnant and again when 31 weeks pregnant so will need to fit a growing bump.

I’m aware I won’t get a huge amount of use from it (although I do plan to swim more over the coming months) so I don’t want to spend too much. Any help appreciated!


Have you considered Hunza G?

They have just launched a maternity campaign with a fit guide. The material stretches and moulds to the body as it changes, allowing just one piece for before, during, and after pregnancy. My sister who is pregnant recently bought one for a trip and found it to be really comfortable.

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Look no further than Hunza G, they stretch with you so will fit a growing bump and you can also wear after pregnancy as well.