Good value facials

Any recommendations on places to go for reasonably priced facials - in South West London

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I’ve always rated Cowshed for an affordable, relaxing but effective facial - plus there are locations all over London. Dermalogica and Sarah Chapman in Chelsea are also really impressive. x

Thank you for your suggestions - I do go to Sarah Chapman occasionally if I have something special on but am looking for a facial I can do monthly which is more reasonable… x

I’ll try Cowshed :blush:

Therapie Clinics are pretty affordable gx

Thank you!

Teresa Tarmey…being seeing her as a treat for years. The salon in Nottinghill is stunning. x


I’d love to try her next! Thank you! x

Cowshed - I agree with for a relaxing one
Elemis House - I love
Dermalogica - Duke of York square is also fab!

Thank you so much x

Caudalie is my bargain facial for something relaxing and a good skin refresher - the team are SO lovely and are very passionate about the products and ensuring you have a really relaxing time. No pressure to buy the products too.
I have only ever been to the one in Notting Hill but they have a few i believe - 80mins for £120… the dream!

Wonderful thank you! I have one near me on Northcote Road so will give them a try too! x

i would get secret spa or rubby to my house!

I would go to your local Clarins concession. Their detox and glow is only £26 and is SO wonderful and effective!

Genius! Thank you x