Graduation dress for son's graduations

I am asking on behalf of my mother who is looking for a graduation dress/ outfit for my brother’s graduation in June in Durham. She doesn’t want anything that makes her look “big” or anything frumpy (lots of florals or shapeless dresses!!). Some brands she loves are Ulla Johnson, Alemais, Zimmerman etc but obviously these come with a rather large cost! Any suggestions for dresses or equally a set and shoes and jacket would be so appreciated!!

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Big congrats to your brother on his graduation!

These are some suggestions:

Mint velvet have some really great smart occasionwear at the moment, dresses and suits. They are also a bit more affordable:

I love these trousers with a nice jacket!

This pale blue suit would be gorgeous

Worth looking on the Cirkel as they have brands like Zimmerman and Ulla Johnson at a fraction of the price, so your mum may find something there. Worth a look, in case! Search — The Cirkel

Here’s a few ideas: