Graduation dress ideas


I’m graduating this July and need some dress help! I don’t mind whether the dress is mini or midi, but the gown I’m wearing is black and electric blue, so preferably nothing that will clash with that…

If anyone has any ideas, they’d be greatly appreciated.




These are some ideas for your graduation dress:

Hi! My gown was black with bright pink so I kept it really simple with a white dress that I think worked quite well… do you have a budget in mind ?x

Hi Charlotte

You don’t say what style you like, but how about this dress by Hobbs?

It would look great under the black gown with electric blue hood, if worn with black accessories. It’s formal, unfussy, elegant, a pretty length and on sale at a reasonable price.
Plus it has 5 star reviews, with one buyer calling it a ‘masterpiece’!

I love this dress which is available for rent! I think sticking with blue tones or as Florence said a white dress would be best!

I love all these dresses, they have lots of minis and midis x