Grandma's 80th Birthday Gift

Gift ideas for my grandma’s 80th birthday. She is quite stylish, loves good food and wine.

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My mum who is not too far off 80 would love anything from Daylesford

Rick Stein - and she particularly loves the Lobster Thermidore meal kit

Tooka has some lovely gifts - their tray collection is particularly good

Finally Mrs Alice also has a great selection of gifts - how about some pretty glassware?


I have always purchased presents that are an ‘activity’ as such, i.e. a nice dinner somewhere a bit luxury (though they always prefer the basics ha ha!!), hotel voucher, theatre trip etc - either for her and my grandad or her, me and my mum for example. They always go down well and nice to have a memory! x

If you want a beautiful keepsake, Rachel Jackson does the loveliest amulets - classic and stylish - and you can get them personalised.

Otherwise, definitely an experience - take her on a yummy meal out!

There are some great ones on here: