Hair Botox

Has anyone got hair botox and would you recommend?

I’ve got straight and fine hair so I feel like my hair’s always a bit flat and prone to looking a bit limp, especially on day 2 after washing!, and love how my hair feels after it’s been colour treated. Wondering if hair botox also creates the same feeling.


I would say hair botox is best for those with quite thick/wavy/frizzy hair. It seems to have the most impact on those hair types as it gives a sleek, glossy effect.

We’ve written about it before here if helpful:

It is meant to be fab for volume so could be worth a try x

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I saw that Sarah Jossel (on Instagram) had hair Botox and documented it. Maybe worth a look!

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I’m really intrigued by hair Botox! I know they offer it at Gielly Green, which is where I get my colour done (just behind Selfridges!) x

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