Hair care

Hello, I wondered if anyone had any advice. I have dark brown hair but I get my hair highlighted like
balayage and sometimes the lighter colour can go a bit brassy. I have heard of blondes using a purple shampoo and brunettes using blue shampoo to tone done the brassiness? Anyone got any advice on this topic? Thanks! xx

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I have brown hair with balayage too! I use this Kerastase purple shampoo once a week

But as the lighter pieces of hair are more concentrated on the ends using just purple shampoo can dry your hair out so I recommend using a purple conditioner everytime you wash your hair and a purple hair mask every so often too x

I used to have this too and did use purple shampoo - but only if I wanted a more ashy look

if its looking brassy I’d reccomend going back in and getting the colour toned or a gloss to change the tone

otherwise id wash your hair less, use a detox shampoo or eliminate hard water by using products such as Hello Klean or a shampoo that removes impurities from hard water

colour wow and Ouai have great ones xx

Thank you so much! Very helpful x

I live in Scotland (North) and the water up here is actually pretty good for the hair! Thank you for the tips xx

The Pureology colour range is great to keep brassiness at bay x

The Fudge blue shampoo is meant to be excellent

This is brilliant!

I also have brown hair with highlights and the product I love is Glaze Vanilla Lights. It’s got a blue pigment to reduce the brassiness and you also get the benefits of the gloss treatment x

Hi. I use silver Alchemic shampoo and conditioner by Davines and they are fab. You can get them from Liberty or Cult Beauty.

I dye my hair a light blond & then I use Olaplex No4 purple shampoo which brings out the blond perfectly & takes the tones the brassy. I use it weekly as recommended by my fabulous hairdresser. It’s the best on the market.

Fanola No Yellow (purple shampoo) is undoubtedly the best.

I am naturally blond but go darker in the winter. My hair likes to go “golden” (I say orange) before it lightens with the sun in summer. I use Fanola No orange shampoo and Metal detox mask (Hair Bros recommendation and my hair has never looked healthier)éal-Professionnel-Protects-Coloured-Looking/dp/B09716YCGX/ref=pd_aw_fbt_img_m_sccl_1/262-4693730-3367437?pd_rd_w=HbAxy&content-id=amzn1.sym.06894400-2627-41c6-90e2-f7e318d490ba&pf_rd_p=06894400-2627-41c6-90e2-f7e318d490ba&pf_rd_r=0THDQ04QPWZTGVJNS9AZ&pd_rd_wg=NFxwx&pd_rd_r=b00776fa-86f1-4407-a50a-8202fb1ec1ac&pd_rd_i=B09716YCGX&psc=1