Hair Colourists Midlands

Can anyone recommend a hair colourist in the Midlands (ideally near Leamington Spa) that is ok working with fitted extensions? My hair is naturally quite a warm brown with blond-toned extensions (weave) and I am looking to go to a cooler brighter blond, as seamlessly as possible. Currently I have a bit of a two tone look going on! I had a look at some of the recommendations for London but unfortunately they would really stretch my budget. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I’m not based in the Midlands BUT, I do recommend having a good look through Treatwell:

It’s a great site for locating people nationwide and you can check out all the reviews/ book consultations etc. Hope you find someone! x

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Nash White was in Leamington Spa and has now moved to Warwick.

Two former Nash & White employees have opened Massarella & Jones which is really popular in Leamington Spa!

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Thanks Rebecca I didn’t think of Treatwell, I’ll take a look xx

Thanks so much Daisy xx