Hair Gloss

I am wanting to try an at home hair gloss, as my hair is feeling quite dull. I don’t colour my hair. Do you have any affordable products you would advise?


I’m actually working on a story for this so stay tuned!

But in the meantime here are a couple products I’ve heard good things about:

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Heard great things about Glaze!

I’ve tried glaze and found it abit difficult to use, it’s hard to get out of the bottle particularly with slippery hands, it’s very thick too, just not easy. I’m loving clarirol colour gloss up, it’s great on my red dyed hair, enhances the colour and gives a great sheen

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I recommend both of these:

Neither are cheap but they’re good!

Agree with Becky on the Kerastase gloss! Absolutely love it!

Too right glaze is near impossible to get out!

Here is the piece that Sapna wrote on site: