Hair loss due to Menopause

Hi a great friend of mine is suffering from significant hair loss due to the menopause (she is 53) Can anyone recommend supplements or treatment that have worked for them ?

Many thanks
Mrs B


Ah I am sorry to hear this. We have asked experts about this topic a few times and written up some helpful guides here that speak to everyone, but also those dealing with menopausal hair loss.

Really hope this helps. I highly recommend the Philip Kingsley Trichologist’s too: Meet The London Trichologists | Philip Kingsley Clinic

They do a real deep-dive and help tailor advice to you.

Thank so much

Definitely worth booking in with a trichologist at Philip Kingsley - the best around!x

Thanks Tor! x

As someone with fine flyaway hair, I’ve tried lots of things over the years. Glimmers of hope became a bit ‘meh’ each time. Turning 40 started a rough 10 yrs watching my hair loss get worse (baby then perri-meno). As I’m turning 50 in the summer I decided to give the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma injections ago) with a prescription strength tablet to support growth. I started in December (down time between Christmas and new year for me in case of any issues) and it’s March now. So 3 month in there are a lot of baby hairs, some follicles have 2 hairs, and you can’t see my scalp through the front of my hair line now. I have about 2-3 inches of new growth. Historically my hair tends to break between 3-5 inches as it’s so fine but the texture is improved so I am hopeful for ongoing results when it comes to length. I’m having hairline, sides and crown treated with focus on parting area. Photos show the changes. Best thing about my practitioner - qualified doctor - is that she uses best quality test tubes (we’ve had a lengthy conversation about the types of bottles people use and related product results - not to mention difference in pain of application of said end product) to get best product with my blood from quality spinning equipment, then she uses a vibrating bar aid to inject along so you don’t need to have anaesthetic in your hair from being applied to your scalp. 2 stress balls are just case you feel the need to squeeze something and so it a more comfortable repeatable process than you might think. Afterwards, I can comb my hair back and carry on my day as if nothing happened. Don’t wash my hair for minimum 24 hrs so I do it on day when I’m okay with that. First session was 1.5hrs, we are now less that 60min, after initial 6 treatments will drop to 1 every 3-6 months and continue with the tablets. Like looking after your skin - its a commitment your making.


Thank you so much for sharing :pray:t3: :kissing_heart:

Hi Mrs B,
I too am suffering from Menopausal hair thinning / shedding. I recently switched from using a normal towel to dry my hair to one from Good Wash Day, it is such a more gentle way of drying your hair that I am seeing much less hair on my brush.
I have tried many supplements as I am unable to take HRT and can’t really say any of them have made a massive difference - but I do take collagen daily (Vida Glow). I have just started using Nioxin shampoo & conditioner after being recommended - early days yet.

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In mid January I started taking supplements and using the shampoo and conditioner by Thick Tails.
I noticed a big difference very quickly. The thinning patches at the front of my hairline have disappeared, much less shedding when I wash my hair and it seems to be thick and bouncy without the need for mousse or gel. Definitely worth a try.
Champo serum also gets good reviews, but I have not tried this myself.

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Oh that’s a good idea to switch to those towels - and have noted the Nioxin shampoo & conditioner! Thank you :pray:t3:

That sounds great thank you!

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I am 59 years old and started to notice a change in the thickness of my hair in my early fifties as the onslaught of menopause kicked in. The hot sweats and night sweats didn’t help as you need to wash your hair more often. I tried ‘no poo’ for 12 months and used organic cider vinegar as a rinse on my hair and also took it orally diluted with water. My hair was the healthiest it had ever been. Having gone through breast cancer I have to take oestrogen blockers so I now take marine collagen, biotin and selenium. My hair is strong and healthy. I also only wash it every five or six days. This has helped for me. Good luck ladies.

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So interesting thank you so much for sharing x

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Hi, your friend could try an iodine supplement. Most of us are deficient in iodine which is needed for supporting thyroid. In menopause our thyroid gets affected too with all the hormonal changes and hypothyroidism causes hair loss too. She could try a topical Metabolics 11 Iodine a drop daily. It’s great as no need to take internally and she can monitor how much she needs by the speed of absorption into the skin. It has helped me and I hope it will help her too.

Best of luck and let us know how your friend is getting on.


Brilliant thank you. Sounds like a good idea - might take some myself! x

I tried the Champo serum everyone is raving about…it made no difference AND caused flakes on my scalp. I do take collagen and fish oil by Bare Biology and I think they have helped. Menopause is rubbish!

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Agreed - amazing that they never used to talk about it!
Thanks for the warning about hair serum x

I’d highly recommended a tricholigist if honest. Could also get bloods taken to see cause as no point in taking anything until you can get that checked out.

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Thank you!