Hair Mask

Hello hello,
I’m currently looking for a nourishing hair mask. I like to leave it in for an entire day, put it in a bun and just let it do the magic. I would love something else than olapex - doing that whole process once a month and now I would love one for the weeks in between.

Do you have any recommendations?


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I mostly use curly hair masks these days, but I have two in my rotation that are for more hair types which I love: This Kerastase one is so nourishing and it really helps with frizz, and then this Ouai one leaves my hair shiny and feels so good!

I really rate Philip Kingsley Elasticizer


I second the Ouai one, it’s so good and smells amazing!


I also love the Ouai and PK Elasticiser (they even do an ‘extreme’ version for really dry / damaged hair).

Also I love to Davines Momo conditioner which you can use as a mask - super nourishing and leaves hair feeling so soft.

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I love this:

It’s expensive but the tub will last you for ages. It smells SO good and when you rinse it out hair is so much softer and more manageable

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I am also a fan of the Philip Kingsley elasticiser and you can never go wrong with the Kérastase options - they are on the pricey side but worth it in my opinion. The pots always last for ages! x

I also love the Elasticizer or the no3 Olaplex x

Another vote for the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, I really like it in the Lemon & Bergamot scent. Elasticizer Sicilian Lemon & Bergamot Elasticizer| Deep Conditioning Hair Mask You can defo leave it all day, but my hair genuinely feels buttery smooth even after about half an hour. I wet my hair, comb it all the way through, slick it into a bun, go for a run then shower it all out.

Recently I’ve been using this and it is fab! JVN Nurture Intense Hydration Mask 236ml | Cult Beauty

Agree with Laura, I love Elasticizer

The Garnier Ultimate Blends mask is soooo lovely and smells great. I also use the JVN Nurture Intense Hydration Hair Mask to slick my hair back too sometimes

I really love this Gisou hair mask, it’s super nourishing and honey-based so it also smells divine!

Garnier - smells nice, cheap and well for slicked back buns too

ohh ive got a couple favs
first would be the money mask from colour wow - its such a cool texture and really makes your hair feel instantly better

for longer term results, go for olaplex

another great, quite natural one is this one from davines Davines Nourishing Building Pack 250ml | Cult Beauty


Shocker… Herbel Essence Coconut hair mask, works wonders.

I highly rate Philip Kingsley

I would agree with this - I have dry frizzy/curly hair and the Elasticizer is a game changer. If you can, try putting it on before you go in the sauna or steam at the gym then cold shower to wash it off…otherwise, apply it, add the hair cap it comes with and leave it on for a bit to work its magic!

Kerastase you can’t go wrong with.

Amika the kure mask is very good