Hair products for sleek bun/ponytail

I go to the gym early in the morning and am looking for a product that will help me to quickly slick back my crazy, curly bed head into a bun. I have lots of postpartum regrowth still so it needs to have a good amount of control and not look greasy (looking for it to add some shine). Thank you!


for something quite heavy duty, I’ve heard that this works wonders:

but I personally love OUAI Matte Pomade 50ml | Liberty and the Larry King Hair Care A Social Life for Your Hair | Cult Beauty



The HOLY GRAIL for the slick back bun - Larry King Hair Care A Social Life for Your Hair | Cult Beauty


This is also fab: OUAI Matte Pomade 50ml | Liberty


I really recommend the Tresemme Freeze Hold hairspray. It’s way better than L’Oreal at taming frizz. Yes, your hair does go crunchy after a while but I find it brushed out well.

I really rate the OUAI pomade too! Never leaves my hair feeling greasy once I take my hair out x

I recently bought a mini water spray bottle from Amazon which is a game changer! You can even add in a few drops of your favourite hair oil or moisturiser which makes it really easy to style. This and a soft brush (Igot mine for £2 from a Black hair shop in Brixton) does the job, follwed by Sam McKnight’s hair mist.

I need to try this one x

The tigi wax stick is meant to be really good. Been in my Sephora basket for ages so I should really order it. Post party regrowth is very real over here - 2 years and going strong…