Hair styling tools / products for fine hair

I currently use ghd straighteners to curl my hair with heat defence beforehand and hairspray afterwards but my curls always drop out SO quickly because my hair is so fine. What do other people use? Any recs? (Ideally something that won’t take hours)

I have the exact same problem! I really recommend the Sam McKnight hairspray - it’s lightweight and never sticky but it does a great job of holding hair in place. Failing that, I’ve been impressed by these: BaByliss Curl Styler Luxe - Boots

They work to set the curl in place as you style, so your curls don’t instantly fall flat!

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super helpful thanks Becky! X

I swear by the babyliss heated rollers! So easy to put them in and curl your hair so fast. Ideally leave them in for an hour for them to last!

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Hersheson’s Zhoosh Foam is fab! It really is a do it all product which adds great oomph and hold, I find. Don’t be put off by the mousse formula it’s weightless once applied and doesn’t leave that crunchy feel.

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Thank you both! x