Hairbrush for female pattern baldness hair loss?

I have long fine hair and - due to PCOS - am losing my hair through female pattern baldness.

I’ve currently got a tangle teezer for fine hair but it’s getting old and a bit worn. I’ve seen people raving about the TikTok wet brushes but they look a little poorly made (a friend has one and it’s already damaged).

Any recommendations?!

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I’ve been struggling with hair loss a lot too over the last year or so and I’ve actually just been recommended these brushes by a friend:

They’re definitely an investment but you I like that you take a quiz to find the best brush to suit your needs so feels a bit more personal

Do you take any supplements for your hair? If not I’d really recommend these - I’ve only been taking them for a few months but I’ve noticed a huge difference in strength/thickness already

Hope that helps!


LOVE La Bonne Brosse - these brushes are actually built to stimulate your scalp for better regrowth, that said they’re an investment.

I also really rate this brush:

It is so gentle and never snags. I actually recently lost it at a hotel and was so gutted ordered one immediately - that’s how much I love it. Works nicely on wet hair too and I have veeery fine hair x

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Can really recommend the Thick Tails range of products for thinning hair - and they also sell special brushes:

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Thanks everyone!!!

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I would so recommend going to the Philip Kingsley clinic in London for tests and treatment. Definitely a long-term plan but will help with the root cause!

Otherwise yes I love tangleteezers which are so gentle, plus a scalp brush to help stimulate the hair