Hand held clothes steamer

My iron is coming to the end of its life and would love any affordable but good hand held clothes steamer please

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I have this one and really recommend it, https://www.johnlewis.com/philips-compact-foldable-handheld-steamer-with-pouch/p5494065

I have also heard good things about the Steamery range but they are a higher price point Steamery Stockholm steht für Slow Fashion ein | Steamery

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I agree Steamery have a great range of hand held steamers

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One of these is on my wishlist - have heard great things and easy to pack if you’re going away.

i saw this one on tiktok yesterday it looks unreal

I have a steamery one too love it!

I have this one and it’s really reliable given the price.


I own this one and it’s been perfect so far. Quite compact and heats up quickly.


I also have this one, its so handy to take away with you x

Phillips Steam & Go is fab.