Hand held steamer

Can anyone recommend a good fairly priced hand held steamer please

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I have the Tefal one and although it’s not as powerful as I would like, it still gets the job done and you get what you pay for.

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I have this steamer from Philips, i’ve never had any issues with it and works well on all of my clothes!


unsure if you were after a clothes steamer or facial steamer (since this is in the beauty category) haha!

but here’s my fav options for both:

clothes steamer -




face steamer -


I have used these before and they’re really good! A bonus that they look stylish too

John Lewis have an incredibly reasonable steamer under £40. Very compact, you could even takin on holiday. It is possibly not the best choice if you’re looking to steam a large number of items as the water tank is quite small. Otherwise it is perfect for dresses, quick amd easy to use.

Thank you for your recommendation