Handbag to work in budget

Hi, can you please recommend some nice and good handbag to work? I work as a teacher so nothing too fancy please - around 60/70€?
It should be spacious so I can put there tests to grade at home as well some small lunch box. I would love something stylish and easy to combine with different outfits. Thank you so much :heart:


I’d suggest going for a chic, structured tote bag. The one I personally have is actually a “bag for life,” and I’ve received numerous compliments on it. It’s the Heston Waitrose shopper, which you can find here: Link to eBay Listing. It’s been a favorite of mine, and I think you’ll appreciate its style and functionality as well! :blush:

Mango always do a good tote! I love this tan one - it looks much more expensive than it is!

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Hi :raising_hand_woman:t3:
M&S have some great stylish options at the moment. Have a browse in their website x

I am loving suede right now, and I think this one on Mango is a great size and would be really versatile.