Have you read The List yet - the podcast is coming next week!

We loved chatting to The List author Yomi Adegoke when she came in to the SL office a couple of weeks ago. Full of insight and revelations, Yomi gave us plenty of background around why she choose this topic and the power of social media and the internet. You’ve still got time to finish it before it drops next week - so get reading and let us know what you think.

And… we’ll also be announcing book three at the end of the podcast, so be sure to listen for that!


Recently finished The List - what a captivating read! I’m incredibly excited to listen to the podcast! Already, ready for the next book at book club!

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I finished it, I am really sad to let go of the characters. The end took us to somewhere else, and make us think twice about the we use social network, what we publish, and also who we are interacting with. Eager to listen to the postcast.

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Great to hear – really agree with your thoughts, too.

Watch this space!

Great to hear to you loved it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Yomi’s insights too.

It’s a great ending isn’t it? I love it when a book ends in a way you didn’t expect!