Heating Engineer- South London- Any recommendations

I am looking for a reliable and experienced heating engineer who operates in South London. I would be grateful for any recommendations for a professional that you have successfully worked with recently.

I had a tradesman steal from my property so really nervous about engaging someone else.

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While I don’t have tradesperson to recommend, I would suggest Next Door to get reliable word of mouth recommendations.

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Second that!

Thanks so much for both of your replies. The individual that stole from me is on Next Door with one positive review.

They’re expensive but everytime I have an issue I just call Pimlico. They’re always round in less than an hour and can fix a multitude of issues – not just plumbing (which I’m not sure people know). The best part is they do everything by the book and there’s a guarantee so if the issue happens again they have to come back out for free. Everyone I’ve had has been so professional and kind. Really really recommend.

Thanks for the steer, Harriet
I didn’t realise they provided so many services.
I have booked a survey for tomorrow. Little nervous because the heating engineers are sub contractors not employees.