Help! Brunch Dubai

We are visiting friends in Dubai and they are taking us to Saturday brunch (apparently this is part of the institution!). But I’m not sure what to wear (how smart/casual to go) or quite what to expect! First visit to Dubai.
Any help hugely appreciated!

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Hi. Dress code def glam. Nice summer dress (long or short) and heels (think Ascot minus the hat). Go all out, and have a fabulous time. Food is always amazing, pace yourself as they’re very generous with the alcohol too!! In terms of what to expect, normally a grand function suite with outdoor seating also available, lots of people having a good time - mainly groups from friends / couples, girls night out and families (mostly adults). They’ll be lots of buffet stations with different cuisines (roast, seafood, veggies, salad bar, sushi, desserts etc). Some have entertainment like a DJ or band in the background. A brunch would typically run 12-4pm and there’s often an After Party if you want to carry on drinking / dancing in the room next door. It’s quite the experience. Have a wonderful time x


Wow ok thanks !!! That’s a huge help x

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I would always go for a nice beachy co ord and add jewellery/sunnies or a hat.

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Thanks ill take a look x